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theIRapp™ Launches Online Investor Relations App Builder for iPhone, iPad and Android

Mobile devices have proliferated and changed the way investors consume information. As a result, the ability to provide investors with information that they can easily obtain and view on mobiles devices has moved to the forefront as a challenge for public companies.

theIRapp™ allows companies to stay ahead of the curve in how they share information with investors anytime and anywhere. It is the only investor relations app building solution that allows publicly traded companies to optimize their investor relations content for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.

Today, I am excited to announce the launch of theIRapp online app building solution, which further delivers advanced investor relations mobile engagement for public companies that are looking for a turnkey IR app building solution. The online resource gives any public the ability to build an app on its own with features that include:

  • Push notification alerting investors when new information is available
  • Investor sign-up for company information
  • Invest email opt-in
  • Information sharing via social media channels and email
  • Automated, real-time stock price information (through live data feeds)
  • Automated posting of newswire releases press releases
  • Immediate downloads of SEC filings
  • Video streaming
  • Audiocast conference call streaming
  • Corporate materials (fact sheets, presentations, etc.)
  • Analyst coverage
  • Calendar of upcoming events
  • Company contact information

Now, with just a few clicks, any company – pending verification of company and user information – can build an IR app to distribute its financial and other communications content to a significantly larger audience of current and potential investors.

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Today’s Mobile User: The Investor

Today, it’s hard to find people who are not constantly using their mobile devices. We have become so dependent on our phones that studies show 94% of Americans panics at the thought of losing their devices and 58% can’t stay away from their mobile phones for more than an hour.

People are busy, which is why so many have their attention focused toward on-the-go devices and why public companies should consider their investor’s mobile user experience. If you are an IRO trying to reach your busy investors, it is critical to understand the patterns of mobile behavior.

There are three existing behaviors for the typical mobile user: repetitive now, bored now and urgent now. In IR, I see two of these behaviors influencing our investors: repetitive now and urgent now.

Let me explain. Repetitive now users demand real-time information that’s available at their fingertips. Investors fit this mode of mobile user experience because they continually search for information on the companies they have invested in or that they are interested in.  And when they access that information, they expect it to be easy to find and easy to read.

Investors also exhibit the urgent now behavior when they need fast access to information. Consider the plummet of RIM. Shares in RIM fell 20.4% in a matter of hours. Urgent now investors would have wanted to receive an immediate update directly to their mobile phone rather than through email or a news site where it could easily be lost in the clutter.

It is for these reasons that we created theIRapp™. It meets the needs of today’s mobile investors by providing a way for them to easily access a company’s investor information with the push of a button on their mobile devices. It also provides real time feeds, push notifications and sharing functionality for both the repetitive now and urgent now investor on-the-go. And, from the public company’s perspective, theIRapp™ offers an inexpensive and quick way to make their IR content mobile.

Mobility is no longer a future trend in investor relations.  It is here now and public companies don’t want to get left behind. I look forward to sharing more about theIRapp™ and the changing the landscape of investor communications.


Until next time,

Jeff Corbin

Co-founder of theIRapp

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