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Going Mobile with theIRapp

If you look up the definition of the word mobile in the dictionary, it is defined as the ability to move quickly and freely. At theIRapp, we take this definition to heart and are determined to develop and roll-out new functionality as quickly as possible based on the feedback we receive from our subscribers as well as investors and the sell-side. To demonstrate this, we are excited to announce the launch of version 3.0

This new version incorporates Google Analytics into each IR app. Every subscriber will be able to use their content management system (CMS) to review daily downloads and average daily opens of their IR app as well as drill down into specific analytics regarding how investors are interacting with content on the app. In addition, V3.0 will also offer improved functionality including a loading indicator when the IR app is opened and automatic refreshing so that new content added to a company’s IR app is published immediately.

During Q1 of 2013, we will be launching Version 4.0 as well as an industry changing tool for the buy- and sell-side. To find out more about theIRapp and how we help companies make their IR content mobile, watch our demo of the iPad version of theIRapp:


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