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What Is Mobile Marketing Automation?

You’re reading this, so you already know how critical “mobile” and the always-on consumer is to businesses across the globe. Still not convinced? Check out the first sixteen slides from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2014 – I’ll let her numbers make the final case.

Separately, you’ve likely heard of marketing automation before. These are SaaS platforms that combine customer relationship management (CRM) systems with sequenced, segmented, and automated email campaigns, along with other digital marketing channels (e.g. social media, search, etc.). Tools like Pardot, Marketo, and Hubspot have been blazing this trail for a decade.

So, if we’ve accepted the inevitable from Meeker and the rest of the industry – that Internet-connected mobile devices are forever changing consumer behavior – now we’re ready to talk about a newer, additive concept: mobile marketing automation.

Mobile marketing automation is a new discipline manifested by a set of SaaS tools and platforms, much like “traditional” marketing automation, and it enables marketers to do an array of amazing things that improve the customer experience across all of the mobile touchpoints (web, social media, native mobile apps, and even in the real-world through iBeacon technology) throughout a buying cycle. Some of the ways that mobile marketing automation empowers marketers to be smarter and create a better consumer experience include:

  • Dynamically changing content based on smart rules
  • A/B testing messaging and conversions
  • Sequencing of mobile push notifications
  • Segmenting audiences with real people-based data
  • Marrying mobile data to the rest of marketing’s analytics for a more complete picture

The “automation” comes in once we start to understand the smart rules that marketers can apply:

  • Location

o   With GPS, geo-fencing, and iBeacon technology, marketing automation software can present marketing messages based on a consumer’s real-world location seamlessly across the mobile web and within a native mobile app. Talk about context!

  • Behavior

o   Present content and messaging dynamically based on other actions that your consumer has taken across your website, on social media, within your native mobile app, and even in-store or on-premise.

  • Stage

o   If you understand what stages exist in your consumer’s buying cycle, then you can map content and messaging for your consumers based on their buying stage, making your marketing more effective and boosting your conversion rates across channels and devices.

  • Sequencing

o   String together automated content and messaging with mobile web prompts or push notifications so that consumers receive the right message at the right time on the right device.

  • Throttling

o   Set rate limits on messages so that consumers don’t get overwhelmed. Your mobile marketing automation can actually optimize your message delivery over time, ensuring a great experience across every mobile touchpoint that they have with your brand.

We’re just now starting to see a blossoming of these mobile marketing automation platforms, which empower marketers to get smarter about their content and messaging across all devices. In the end, all marketers are looking to create a better, more compelling, more engaging experience for their customers, and based on the industry trend data we looked at earlier with Mary Meeker, mobile marketing automation is going to play a critical role for digital marketers everywhere.

Jed Singer is the VP of Product Marketing for, the only mobile marketing automation platform that delivers customer experiences across every mobile touchpoint – mobile web, social media, native mobile apps, and in the real-world through iBeacon technology. Jed has led successful social and mobile engagements for brands across many verticals, including P&G, HBO, MasterCard, AB-InBev, and Toys ‘R Us.

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Twitter Chat Recap: Is Internal Comms Going Mobile?

Last week, APPrise Mobile teamed up with PRSA for a twitter party to discuss how companies can engage with their dispersed workforce. Nearly 100 communications professionals from all over the country took part in sharing their thoughts, questions and strategies around the ways their companies are communicating with their most important audience – their employees.

By the end of the chat, it was clear that those participating understood the opportunity that mobile technology presents and the ability it affords so that organizations large and small can communicate instantaneously with a workforce that is not all under one roof. Although everyone is on board with mobile, not all companies are embracing a mobile communications strategy. Email still seems to be the most common channel employers are using to communicate.  However, as it was discussed during the chat, the issue with email is that employees tend to receive hundreds on a daily basis making it likely that they’ll miss something important. This affords mobile technology, and the software that supports them, such as apps, the ability to be a game changer for communicators.

The opportunity for a company to have its own mobile app means they now have the ability to push important information directly to their employee’s devices, and have notifications appear on the home screens of those devices. Push notifications represent the ability to cut through the clutter of the emails received and target our employees in a direct and personal manner.

Below are some highlights from the chat.  If you want to see more, search #PRSAchat on twitter.  Make sure to stay up to date with us on Twitter for future social events!



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FinTech Startups Demo Day

Just a few weeks ago, APPrise Mobile was fortunate to have been selected to be one of five startups to present at “FinTech Startups Demo Day”, a Meetup organized by Empire Startups focused on financial technology startups, entrepreneurs and investors. We were excited to show this group our first product, theIRapp, and to showcase the success we have experienced to date with more 80,000 investors from around the world downloading the IR apps of more than 100 forward-thinking public companies that have not only embraced the importance of having an investor relations mobile strategy, but also our platform as an easy and cost effective way to do so.  We only had five minutes to demo theIRapp, which wasn’t so easy given the robustness of our solution.  Empire Startups was kind enough to produce a video of the demo which I am pleased to share with you below.

As an FYI, on November 10 and 11, I will be participating at the Empire Startups Summit at Webster Hall in New York City and will be one of the Silicon Alley top innovators to speed pitch APPrise Mobile to some of the leading venture capitalists in America. I look forward to using what I learned during my first Meetup at this event.

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