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About APPrise Mobile

In coming up with the concept of theCOMMSapp™, it wasn’t a tech team looking to take advantage of the vast communications industry. Rather it was a group of investor relations, public relations, social media and marketing professionals thinking about their experiences over the past decade and a half, considering how technology has evolved, how it has helped companies to communicate, how individuals use technology to consume information, as well as the challenges communicators face.

Recognizing over the past several years how mobile devices have proliferated, we realized that people are becoming much more dependent on their mobile devices. We said to ourselves, let’s create a standardized, turnkey solution that is cost effective for the companies, that doesn’t require much thinking, that doesn’t require much work on their part, and that allows them to be able to instantaneously provide (and push) their sales, marketing and other important content in an optimized way on mobile devices – this is what theCOMMSapp is all about.

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