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Why APPrise Mobile?

Why APPrise Mobile?

  • Experience: APPrise Mobile was created by communications (public relations, investor relations, social media and marketing) professionals and IT professionals (not just web developers) with decades of communications consulting experience. We understand from the company perspective how information needs to be disseminated. We also understand how a company’s content is being consumed and what different constituents require when being courted for attention.
  • Accessible on iPhone, iPad and Android: APPrise Mobile is available for the iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices – presently over 90% of the entire global mobile market.
  • A Native App: APPrise Mobile  is a platform for native app development as compared to an HTML5 optimized website.  This means several important things:  (1) users can download content for offline viewing and listening; (2) companies can send push notifications when new content is on the app; and (3) your app will exist in Apple’s App Store and Google Play.
  • New functionality every quarter:  As a commitment to maintaining our leadership position, APPrise Mobile intends to unveil new versions of functionality on a quarterly basis. Version 7.0 was released in September 2014 and the next version is already in development.
  • It’s easy! For a company to have its very own communications app, all APPrise Mobile requires is that a company provide a high resolution jpeg image of its corporate logo or other graphic design elements and sign subscription agreement. Within 3 weeks, the app is live across all three mobile platforms.
  • Active Directory integration For theEMPLOYEEapp product, simply by uploading a .CSV file, only active employees will have access to content posted to a company’s app.
  • No IT or web development required:  Other similar communications apps have been created by independent application and website development companies that require significant input, time from company management and money in order to create a communications app.  In many instances, the other app solutions are directly tied to the company’s corporate website and therefore require involvement from web developers and a company’s IT department. APPrise Mobile’s platform and apps are completely independent of a company’s website and requires no IT or web developer involvement.
  • The price is right: APPrise Mobile is pleased to offer flexible subscription packages depending on the budget and needs of your company. Please fill out the form below and a member of our sales team will contact you shortly to discuss subscription options.

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