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Apple’s Deal with China Mobile Will Be a Game Changer

On Sunday, China Mobile announced a deal with Apple to offer the iPhone to its millions of customers. The Chinese mobile carrier is the world’s largest wireless network operator in the world. The deal marks the first time 759 million people will have access to the iPhone. To put things into perspective, Verizon and AT&T combined have 230 million subscribers. The increase in Apple product sales could be tremendous; the deal could generate $3 billion in revenue for Apple in 2014 alone.

The China Mobile deal is not just a pivotal moment for Apple; it is also a major opportunity for iOS app developers and companies who have apps available in the Apple App store. If tens or even hundreds of millions of new iPhones are sold, the majority of these buyers will utilize the App Store to download and engage with mobile apps.

App downloads will likely see a dramatic increase and the deal will position Apple to dominate the app market. Companies that offer iOS apps (particularly for enterprise and business-to-business apps available on Apple’s Volume Purchase Program store) will have an opportunity to reach a new audience in one of the most important international business markets.

The opportunity Apple has to sell its product to the largest carrier in one of the highest growth markets in the world will bring an endless amount of possibilities. This deal will dramatically expand the current mobile industry and app marketplace.

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