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FinTech Startups Demo Day

Just a few weeks ago, APPrise Mobile was fortunate to have been selected to be one of five startups to present at “FinTech Startups Demo Day”, a Meetup organized by Empire Startups focused on financial technology startups, entrepreneurs and investors. We were excited to show this group our first product, theIRapp, and to showcase the success we have experienced to date with more 80,000 investors from around the world downloading the IR apps of more than 100 forward-thinking public companies that have not only embraced the importance of having an investor relations mobile strategy, but also our platform as an easy and cost effective way to do so.  We only had five minutes to demo theIRapp, which wasn’t so easy given the robustness of our solution.  Empire Startups was kind enough to produce a video of the demo which I am pleased to share with you below.

As an FYI, on November 10 and 11, I will be participating at the Empire Startups Summit at Webster Hall in New York City and will be one of the Silicon Alley top innovators to speed pitch APPrise Mobile to some of the leading venture capitalists in America. I look forward to using what I learned during my first Meetup at this event.

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Vote For Jeff Corbin To Present “Workforce MobilAPPzation” at SXSW 2015

We want to educate SXSW attendees about the opportunity to use mobile technology to engage their colleagues and employees.

There is a new reality. It’s the mobile reality. Workers are no longer sitting behind a big box (PC) to get their job done. They are mobile and require mobile tools to be successful, feel engaged with their employer and thrive.

Check out theEMPLOYEapp Founder, Jeff Corbin’s proposed presentation topic titled, “Workforce MobilAPPzation” on the SXSW Panel Picker. If you like it, give it a thumbs up here


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Institutional Investors – Dependent on Mobile

The mobile industry is not only exploding – it’s rapidly eclipsing the long-lived monolith that was the desktop computer.  This trend rings true for the investor relations industry too. To gauge IR professionals’ thoughts and tendencies with regards to mobile as an integral part of their work, theIRapp™ conducted a survey of more than 200 institutional investment professionals in the first quarter of this year.

As this infographic shows, investors overwhelmingly rely on their mobile device for their work over their desktop computer. These results show the significance of mobile devices to today’s institutional investment professionals. The numbers also bring the importance of having a mobile IR strategy into the spotlight. Mobile devices – and as an extension, the mobile IR app – are becoming the new investment communication standard.

The survey demonstrated that when it comes to their work, 83% rely on their mobile devices rather than the desktop.  The survey also revealed the following:

  • 47% of investors said that the device type most conducive to obtaining information is an Apple device (iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini)
  • 21% said the Blackberry was sufficient
  •  7% rely on Android devices

With regard to devices provided to investors by their employers, 92% of those surveyed said they were provided with a mobile device by their employer.  Of those:

  • 40% are Blackberry devices
  • 22% are Apple devices (iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini)
  • 2% are Android

Depending on the type of device provided by their employer, 68% also purchased additional devices to leverage the power of iOS and Android devices to do their work.  Of the respondents, 41% carry and use 2 devices (including the one provided by the employer) and 26% carry and use 3 devices (including the one provided by the employer).



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