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Why You Need A Mobile Strategy (Stat) For Communicating With Field Employees

I realized today that I need to develop a well thought out mobile strategy for my employer to effectively communicate with employees, including field peeps. At today’s PRSA Connect14 conference in Chicago, I listened to Jeff Corbin speak on this topic (which I had been somewhat pondering but now it’s a priority!). His company, theCOMMSapp, has developed an app that companies can deploy and use fairly easily. It’s downloadable from both iTunes and GooglePlay and can be branded with your company’s look and feel. Depending on your communications objective, you can decide what type of content you want to make available.

The growth of iPhones and Androids over the past two years has made this solution the answer to a challenge many corporate communicators face. As a communicator, you are constantly trying to get messages out and get real and actionable feedback from workers who don’t slave behind a computer monitor. In some companies this segment can be 50% of your workforce.

I’m really excited to explore what can be done with mobile apps and employee communication. Addressing the digital divide doesn’t have to be so hard after all. Thanks Jeff for your innovation and brilliance!

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