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theIRapp™: Why every public company needs one NOW

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a CEO, CFO or IRO ask, “How can we get more eyeballs on our stock?”…. I would be writing this blog post from a yacht off the coast of St. Somewhere. Fortunately for my readers, I’m still chained to my desk, feverishly proselytizing the virtues of mobile applications for investor relations.

If you haven’t already heard, mobile data is growing at a break-neck pace. According to Cisco, by 2012, over 100 million smart phone owners will use more than 1G of data/month. This is the rough equivalent of downloading 5,000 songs or visiting 10,000 web pages. By 2016, mobile connected tablets are expected to generate almost as much traffic as the entire global mobile network does in 2012. So, it’s pretty clear that everybody is doing the mobile thing and they are likely going to do a heck of a lot more of it.

Now, if you’re a skeptic like me, you’re probably already thinking, “Sure, it’s a huge trend but not everyone with a smart phone is an investor.” So let me run a few more facts by you. In a mobile investing study of 1,200 consumers, 28% of all investment account owners were connected via a mobile device and 27% said that the availability of a mobile app to manage their investment needs had a strong impact on the companies they would consider investing in.

Now, as an investor relations professional, I had to do the math.  Using the market predictions and study, I calculated that approximately 20 million investors use mobile devices to research investments and 13 million to receive alerts.  While this may seem like small potatoes to companies like Shell Oil or Nestle, in the world of investor relations, it’s a mass market.

If you’re still not sold on the need for a mobile IR application, then it’s probably a good time to tell you that both of the aforementioned companies have created investor relations applications for mobile devices. Why? I think Shell says it best, “The app will help to keep investors and journalists up to date on developments at Shell.”

And it does… I have downloaded the apps for both companies and I think they’re great. However, not every public company has the budget to build multi-platform applications for investor relations. To be frank, investor relations budgets are often luxuries these days, and that is why KCSA created “the IR app”.

If you’ve been around long enough, you might recall a time when companies didn’t have an investor relations section of their website…. (I’m pretty sure some of them didn’t even have a website at all). Well I’m supremely confident the same will hold true for mobile IR applications, With the proliferation of App Stores, every company will eventually have an investor relations mobile application on all the major platforms.

The beauty of “theIRapp” is that it is both a shareholder retention tool and a shareholder outreach tool. It should be obvious to anyone in the C-Suite that mobile apps increase brand awareness, drive engagement and build loyalty. Add in features that enable investors to instantly share corporate information and documents via social media, email and text from anywhere in the world, and “the IR app” is a tool for spreading a company’s corporate message far and wide.

Now that you’re convinced you want a mobile IR application; let me tell you what makes KCSA’s “the IR app” a killer solution:

  • It’s the best mobile IR product on the market in terms of price, functionality and aesthetics. For an investment of less than $599/month in year one and less than $350/month in subsequent years, you will lead the growing mobile investing phenomenon.
  • It makes it possible for any public company to have its own mobile application for iPhone, iPad and Droid in less than 30 days.
  • It provides a secure, proprietary content management system (CMS) that enables you to upload corporate documents, videos, audiocasts of analyst conference calls, investor presentations or analyst contact information directly to mobile devices instantly.
  • It streams press releases and SEC filings directly to mobile devices so time-sensitive information reaches investors instantly.

So, go ahead and take a first-hand look. Just go to or join us for a live demonstration at the NIRI Annual Conference being held June 3-6, 2012 in Seattle, Washington.

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