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CNBC Big Data Download: Mobile Device Market May Have Room to Grow

CNBC Big Data Download:
Mobile Device Market May Have Room to Grow

The market for smartphones and tablets is far from saturated, especially since mobile device users, especially at work, often carry more than one gadget, according to one mobile expert.

“I don’t believe that mobile is necessarily going to render desktop computing obsolete, but certainly it’s going to make it less relevant in the work that people are doing in their business,” said Jeff Corbin, founder of theCOMMSapp, a firm that conducted a survey of 200 institutional investors.

Among those surveyed, 83 percent said that they use mobile devices at work more than their desktop computers and overall about 47 percent said they rely on smartphones and tablets from Apple in particular.

About 68 percent of those surveyed use both iOS and Android devices, with 41 percent using two devices and 26 percent carrying three devices, according to the survey.

And the trend of having multiple mobile devices is expected to continue, which could help send mobile sales even higher, from an estimated 900 million mobile devices sold in 2013 to 1.5 billion devices in 2017, Corbin noted.

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