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GoMo News: Strategic Mobile News “Wall Street Journal Finally Smells the Money in Mobile”

GoMo News: Strategic Mobile News
“Wall Street Journal Finally Smells the Money in Mobile”

Wall Street Journal finally smells the money in mobile

by Hans Cett

Rating: Claims mobile app sales will reach $25bn in 2013

Yesterday [March 4th 2013], it seems that the prestigious US based publication, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) finally woke up to what’s been going on. Perhaps the newspaper had listened to its reporters who had attended the recent MWC 2013 show in Barcelona, Spain. Given that the place had around ten halls and was jam-packed, you could hardly fail to smell the money. Anyway, the WSJ ran a piece entitled, ‘Apps rocket toward $25 billion in sales’ here. Of course, it was only quoting figures provided by Gartner. However, the article did highlight three major challenges in the world of app developers and facing industry professionals. A company calling itself theIRapp claims it had already spotted these trends and responded accordingly.

What were these trends that the WSJ had managed to spot? First of is the fact that as the battlefield shifts to new geographies, new categories and new devices, app developers are still trying to figure out which business models are the most profitable.

Sounds about right to us. More interesting was the WSJ’s take on app usage. Most tellingly that consumers only focus on a handful of apps (about eight) at any one time.

More intriguingly, around 63 per cent of the apps used daily now differ from those used daily a year ago.

Far more significantly is the fact that in the past two years, consumers have doubled the time spent with apps to about two hours a day.

Yet people churn through apps fairly frequently, making it hard for developers to retain users.

So how do brands and developers with mobile aspirations overcome these three challenges posed by the ever-expanding app economy?

Well, Jeff Corbin, a financial expert with theIRapp claims its the investor relations (IR) app building technology platform that enables public companies to optimize their IR content for iOS and Android mobile devices.

He’s got to be doing something right because theIRapp can counts prominent brands such as Colgate Palmolive, SodaStream, and Marathon Oil amongst its clientele.

Corbin claims his company’s subscriptions based app building technology platform has enjoyed success in retaining users with a series of new development roll outs.

Sounds intriguing.

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