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Mobile MindShare January 2014

Welcome to the first edition of Mobile MindShare. It’s a new year and with that, we are bringing you a new monthly newsletter. Mobile marketing and communications continues to evolve at lightning speed. To help keep a pulse on the latest trends, Mobile MindShare brings you interesting information on how mobile is impacting various sectors of the communications industry – from investor relations to internal communications to general corporate communications. Not only will you hear from theCOMMSapp team of mobile comms experts, but we will also bring you some of our favorite articles from around the web as well as articles by guest bloggers.

2013 solidified mobile as a business-to-business communications strategy. Companies large and small, public and private, began embracing mobile as a means to get information into the hands (literally) of their investors, employees, customers and other key audiences.

In 2014, 40% of companies will have a mobile strategy and 80% of businesses will support a workforce using tablets (according to Gartner). As companies continue to embrace this shift in communications and build mobile strategies, we at theCOMMSapp have expanded our team and product offering to meet this demand.

We initially created our communications mobile app building platform in June of 2012 with theIRapp for the investor relations community. Since then we’ve seen incredible success among many Fortune 500 companies, who embraced our platform and told us that not only has it been well received by their investors but has greatly added to their IR communications efforts. This got our team thinking – mobile improves communication. Why not extend our solution to other forms of communication and audiences? It is for this reason that we have expanded our offering and our newsletter to include two new products, theEMPLOYEEapp for internal employee communications and theCOMMSapp for general brand and external communications.

We have a lot of exciting things in store for theCOMMSapp in 2014. As always, we love your feedback and take it seriously. We look forward to hearing from you about our platform, the newsletter and your take on mobile trends.
Mobily yours,

Jeff Corbin
Co-Founder, theIRapp



It’s a new newsletter, but we can’t shake theIRevolution in just one year! In this column we continue to provide IR news and insights to keep your IR communications strategy ahead of the curve. 

Mobilizing Your Analyst Day

As you prepare to host your annual analyst day, or perhaps are planning one for the first time, here are a few tips to ensure that you are catering to the mobile investor and garnering as much participation as possible.

– Whether it’s on a new smartwatch or an oversized Phablet, investors and analysts will be listening in while not physically in the meeting room or participating at their desk via a webcast.

Tip: Ensure that your webcast feeds are accessible from all mobile platforms prior to the event. With the right platform, mobile technology allows for the same viewing and listening experience as the desktop.

– Want to make sure that everyone remembers when your analyst day is taking place?

Tip: Through native  mobile apps you can allow for investors to add events to their calendar and, on the day of the event, “push” them a notification as a reminder.

– What about after the event?  You just went to major expense to pull off a successful day. Why should it not exist beyond? While accessing the audio feed is the lifeblood of the analyst day, visualizing and ‘powerpointing’ various charts, data and other content adds the necessary body and framework for your corporate story to come together.

Tip: Create an “Analyst Day” folder on your IR app where you can include all of the presentations, audio files (.mp3/.m4a) and videos of the presentations (.mp4) so that your investors and analysts can refer back to them without having to ask.

The Water Cooler 

Increase Engagement, Increase Your Bottom Line

Earlier this month, Jeff Corbin, Founder of theCOMMSapp and theIRapp was joined by Karen JacobsenThe GPS Girlto discuss the importance of having a mobile marketing strategy, how to build it and the tools available to form a solid connection with target audiences, especially employees, via mobile.

As internal communication professionals, a primary goal is to keep employees engaged; however, according to Gallup, 70% of American workers are not engaged or actively disengaged costing the U.S. billions of dollars. Much of this is attributed to the way in which employers communicate with their employees. Oftentimes an employee’s location can pose a major communication challenge. Today’s workforce is not sitting behind a desk with access to a computer, but instead driving a truck, working in a factory, out in the field, etc. As a result, companies have a difficult time communicating information simultaneously and consistently with all of their employees.

The adoption and growth of mobile has significantly changed the way we communicate, both personally and professionally. Nearly all (91%) adults have their mobile phones within an arm’s reach 24/7. It’s the first thing we look at when we wake up and often by our pillows when we go to sleep at night. Mobile plays an extremely powerful role in our lives, and businesses are starting to embrace this channel as a way to stay connected to employees and increase overall engagement, even if they operate in a BYOD (bring your own device) environment.

To learn more about the importance of developing a mobile communications strategy and the tools now available to form a solid connection with your employees, we invite you to listen to the archive of the recent webinar, “Increase Engagement…Increase Your Bottom Line”, by clicking the button below.


Mobile Views

This month’s Mobile Views come from Business Insider. In the article, which can be accessed in full by clicking on the link below, JP Morgan analyst, Douglas Anmuth and his team are incredibly optimistic about Internet stocks as a result of seven “key trends” they believe will make 2014 a huge year for tech:

1)      Mobile revenues will catch up to mobile usage

2)      The kind of ads you see in your Facebook News Feed are going to start showing up everywhere

3)      Advertisers will pay a lot to reach you on the right device at the right time

4)      Advertisers will finally be able to make apples-to-apples comparisons between Internet ads and TV ads, and Internet ads will prevail

5)      It will become more common to buy goods like food or wallpaper online because shipping will be more immediate

6)      Amazon and Google have lots of spare computers, and more Web companies are going to pay to use them in 2014

7)      The insanely competitive online travel industry is expanding to mobile and overseas

What do you think the key trends for mobile will be in 2014?

Tell us @theCOMMSapp.


Mobile Music of the Month

Push it


Need to Know

The beginning of January is one of theCOMMSapp’s favorite times of the year. It’s the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Click below to see a brief glimpse of some of the most talked about products from the show. Who knows, one day a drivable car or a smart thermostat may turn out to be a new communications channel.


theIRapp Welcomes…

Who:  Resverlogix Corp. (TSX: RVX), a clinical stage cardiovascular company with an epigenetic platform technology that modulates protein production.

What: theIRapp

Why: Wants to be mobily connected to its investors.

Interesting Fact: Resverlogix recently completed enrollment of an exploratory Phase 2 clinical trial in an effort to further improve management of Type II Diabetes and its complications.