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Mobile MindShare July 2014

Happy Summer! We recently returned from Las Vegas for the National Investor Relations Institute’s Annual Conference, Extreme IR. In our third year sponsoring the event, it has become evident that many IROs from across the globe are embracing mobile and incorporating a mobile strategy into their IR programs. However, there are still some that are not clear as to why this is necessary since they already have an IR website containing much of the same information.

As I explained to those who remain in doubt, the two don’t necessarily have to be mutually exclusive. Many of our subscribers have optimized their IR website but still have chosen to have a native app for their investors, especially given the more robust user experience and important functionality like push notifications and the ability to download content for offline viewing/listening (that does not exist in a web app or mobile website).  At its essence, the reason for having a native IR app (in addition to the above functionality differences) is the desire to be forward thinking, to acknowledge that investors are now depending on their mobile device for their work and wanting to bring information to investors in as many ways as possible recognizing that the reward in doing so can be significant.  For many it’s also about understanding where the future of computing is heading.

I encourage you to read my recent blog published on – the bottom line is that PC computing, as we know it today; will disappear in the years to come.  Maybe not in the next three years, but by the end of this decade all computing will be about mobile and the Cloud.  What used to work for the operating systems of the PC will be rendered obsolete when all that is left are the operating systems of the mobile device.

To learn more about what I am talking about, I encourage you to participate in an exciting event organized by on July 16th.  During the webinar – Innovation in Communications: Thinking outside the box to ensure you aren’t standing still as the Industry moves ahead – I will be joined by Brian Cohen, Co-Founder of and Chris Penn, VP of Marketing for SHIFT Communications where we will discuss the challenges communications professionals face in their work, including communicating to fragmented audiences, breaking through the clutter in an ‘always on’ society and quantifying the impact of communications programs.  We will debate the future of technology, including social media and mobile technology, and discuss why it is that so many are reluctant to embrace change.  Registration details are below. We hope you’ll join us.

We hope you have a great 4th of July weekend.  Enjoy the sunshine and we look forward to connecting again next month!

Jeff Corbin
Founder, theCOMMSapp



theIRapp Turns to Proactive Investor Targeting

As a commitment to maintaining the most cutting-edge platform in the IR app space, theIRapp rolls out new functionality every quarter. This past quarter was no different as we launched Version 6.5, which allows companies to capture the identity of those downloading their IR app and also provide analytics to better understand how these individuals are interacting with their IR app as well as to target prospective investors.

Version 6.5 can help companies better understand what type of investors are using their IR app and how they are engaging with both the app and its content.  theIRapp’s new features exploit the powerful capabilities of native apps and mobile technology. We are proud to say that we are the first to bring this unique functionality directly into the mobile IR space.  To read the full press release discussing Version 6.5, click here.


The Water Cooler  

What We Learned at the Internal Comms Twitter Chat

Last month theCOMMSapp co-hosted a Twitter chat with PRSA to talk about internal communications and how companies engage with their employees. The chat had nearly 100 participants from many different areas of communications who shared their thoughts on how companies can do better in their communications efforts, new technologies they want to see in the future and how internal communications is going mobile!  To view the entire chat, search for #PRSAchat on Twitter.

Below are some of the highlights from the chat:

So true! MT @jcorbinIR: make sure the mobile experience is great.  If not, your team will probably not use it. @amyjprice #prsachat


Something to think about: push notifications. Immediate comms with employees but only thru a native app, not responsive website. #prsachat


@PRSA A6: Key benefit of a mobile app for #internalcomms would be allowing for user (employee) generated content. Great engagement #prsachat


One third of employees surveyed would like to get company information via mobile apps! #PRSAchat


A mobile device enables something that until recently did not exist – the ability to connect directly with a targeted audience #PRSAchat


@PRSA Q5: 100% Agree that An app is the way to go for #internalcomms, checking it via smartphone would be like second nature #PRSAchat


Stay tuned for more Twitter chats with theCOMMSapp coming up later this year!

Mobile Views

Corporate Comms Pros Go Mobile 

While much of our discussion at theCOMMSapp and theIRapp revolves around mobile IR and how mobile is permeating the internal communications industry, the sheer fact is that mobile is changing the entire landscape of communications. The rise of BYOD (bring your own device) is putting smart phones (and apps) in the hands of everyone, and many companies are capitalizing on this trend and implementing programs that enable their teams to do their work on-the-go.

In a recent guest post for theCOMMSapp, Ivy Cohen, President and CEO, Ivy Cohen Corporate Communications, provides a few examples of how B2B and B2C companies are utilizing mobile.

Are Communications Execs Using Mobile to Communicate?

Posted by Ivy Cohen on May 28, 2014

Mobile is part of the daily communications capabilities of the vast majority of the public for personal use, and on a fast growth trajectory for marketers. We communicators are engaged with something mobile every day, just by the fact that we carry a mobile device and call, email or text. So, what about mobile use for communications within companies?

I reached out to several colleagues who are heads of corporate communications functions with prominent brands — both B2B and B2C companies – to ask if and how they are using mobile devices within their communications strategies. Click here to read more.

Need to Know 

iOS 8 – The Biggest Release Ever

Earlier this month, Apple unveiled iOS 8 at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference which is set to launch in the Fall.  As Apple puts it, the new mobile operating platform is huge for developers, delivering more than 4,000 APIs, advanced graphic technology, expanded security and productivity features and a new programming language (Swift). iOS 8 is the biggest release since the introduction of the app store providing developers with new tools and opportunities to take advantage of iCloud, Touch ID, and more.

So how does this affect the consumer and end user?  It means that we have lots of new exciting apps – for work and play – that will contain never-seen-before capabilities.  These apps will now be able to take better advantage of the native functionality that Apple is incorporating into its operating system.  By utilizing features such as multitasking capabilities for the iPad, a smart keyboard to suggest contextually appropriate words and the ability to add voice to a message or send a video of what you’re seeing in real time, native apps that fully incorporate these technological advances will rise to the top of the App Store charts.

Check out the video below to see what else Apple has in store for this new upgrade.



Mobile Music of the Month

Born in the U.S.A
Bruce Springsteen

Happy 4th of July!


theCOMMSapp Welcomes

Who: Tribune Company (OTC: TRBAA) is one of the country’s leading multimedia companies, operating businesses in broadcasting, publishing, and interactive.

What: theIRapp

Interesting Fact: The Chicago Tribune was first published in 1847 and served as the foundation for what would later become Tribune Company.


Merrill DataSite is a premier online Virtual Data Room (VDR) solution that efficiently houses critical business information for mergers and acquisitions, document warehousing, IPO and much more.

What: theEMPLOYEEapp

Interesting Fact: Since 2002, Merrill DataSite has empowered more than 2 million unique visitors to perform electronic due diligence on thousands of transactions totaling trillions of dollars in asset value.


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