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Mobile MindShare June 2014

Welcome to the June edition of the Mobile Mindshare, theCOMMSapp newsletter that brings you up to speed on all things mobile. June is a significant month for us as this was when we introduced our first product – theIRapp – two years ago at the NIRI Annual Conference. Now, just a couple of years later, we’ve hit a mobile milestone with more than 50,000 downloads…and counting!

When we first started thinking about developing theIRapp, we considered the many issues that we might face when introducing a new product category in a mature investor relations industry. Would companies embrace the importance of establishing a mobile IR strategy and allocating resources to having an IR app?  Was technology really creating a new paradigm in an industry that for more than a decade had not really experienced anything new?  Might we be the first?

After more than two years, we now know the answers to these questions and invite you to read more here.

Over the past few months, our team has been busy surveying different groups of individuals to provide valuable insight on how you can best communicate with your target audiences.  Below you’ll find our 2nd annual survey results on mobile usage by institutional investors as well as results from our recent employee communications satisfaction survey.

We hope you enjoy this month’s edition of Mobile Mindshare and look forward to connecting with you again next month.

Jeff Corbin
Founder, theCOMMSapp



theIRapp 2nd Annual Institutional Investor Mobile Usage Survey

For the second year in a row, theIRapp conducted a survey of institutional investors to gauge their use of mobile technology in their work evaluating publicly traded companies.  Our findings reveal that the investment community is no different than any other industry and is taking advantage of the on-the-go benefits of the mobile device.

A key finding from our survey was that 83% of investors use their mobile device for their work.  Check out the infographic here to view more results from the study.


The Water Cooler  

Conference Chatter: PRSA Connect 14 Recap

theCOMMSapp recently participated in the PRSA Connect 14 Conference, Embracing Constant Change in the New Economy which focused on internal employee communications.  Leaders in internal communication and change management gathered at Loyola College in Chicago to discuss strategies and tactics to engage a rapidly evolving, globalized and mobile workforce.

As part of the program, theCOMMSapp Founder Jeff Corbin presented on the challenges which large and small organizations face when trying to communicate to a workforce that is no longer tied to a desk.  He also discussed the opportunity that mobile technology affords in allowing for the direct, instantaneous and simultaneous communication between employer and employee.

If you didn’t catch theCOMMSapp Founder, Jeff Corbin, at the conference, check out his presentation below:

Want to learn more about mobile technology as an internal communications tool?  Download a sample EMPLOYEE app by searching for “theEMPLOYEEapp” in Apple’s App Store or Google Play today.


Mobile Views

theEMPLOYEEapp™ Survey:  Internal Communications Affects Job Satisfaction and Employee Engagement

Mobile Technology Allows for Direct and Instantaneous Access between Employers and Employees

theCOMMSapp conducted a survey of employees regarding how their employers communicate with them; whether a mobile employee communications strategy exists; as well as their preferred methods of communications. 

More than 300 individuals responded to the survey that revealed that the way a company communicates with its employees directly impacts job satisfaction.

To learn more about the survey, see the infographic by clicking here or you can read the press release announcing the survey results by  clicking here.

Share the infographic with colleagues and get their take on how mobile can be used to increase engagement and enhance communication flow.

Need to Know

Mobile Advertising Reaches New Heights 

Mobile commercials are “all the craze” lately. From Apple’s iPhone 5S “Gigantic” to Samsung’s eye catching waterproof ad, mobile and app companies are pushing the boundaries in advertising like never before, engaging audiences and setting the bar for brands across all industries.

We asked our team what mobile commercials – past or present – are your favorites? Their answers were both fun and give you a special glimpse inside the “beautiful minds” of theCOMMSapp team!

Jeff Corbin, Founder and CEO

  • Commercial: Virgin Mobile “Sexy Nurse”
  • Why He Can’t Get Enough: Virgin Mobile loves to push the envelope with their commercials and this one from India is no exception! 

Jason Mayde, CTO

  • Commercial: Sprint Crime Deterrent
  • Why He Can’t Get Enough: Although the commercial was played during the 2006 Super Bowl, one can never get sick of a guy throwing his phone at another guy! They just don’t make them that durable these days!  

Heath Shatouhy, Senior Vice President

So tell us – what mobile or app commercial can you not get enough of? Tweet us @theCOMMSapp


Mobile Music of the Month

Luck Be A Lady
Frank Sinatra

In honor of theIRapp team heading to Vegas for the NIRI Annual Conference, here is Frank Sinatra’s “Luck be a Lady Tonight”


theCOMMSapp Welcomes


Who: Chesapeake Utilities Corporation (NYSE: CPK) is a diversified energy company focused on delivering outstanding service and attaining sustainable growth that generates long-term value for its employees, customers, investors, and other stakeholders.

What: theIRapp

Interesting Fact: Chesapeake Utilities Corporation was founded as Dover Gas Light Company in 1859.


Waste Connections (NYSE: WCN) is an integrated solid waste services company that provides solid waste collection, transfer, disposal and recycling services in mostly exclusive and secondary markets.

What: theIRapp

Interesting Fact: Waste Connections is also a leading provider of non-hazardous oilfield waste treatment, recovery and disposal services in several of the most active natural resource producing areas in the United States, including the Permian, Bakken and Eagle Ford Basins.


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