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Mobile MindShare Summer 2014

It’s already the beginning of August (can you believe it?) and Labor Day is right around the corner.  While theCOMMSapp team is hard at work getting ready to launch Version 7, a major upgrade to our platform, we hope that you are able to take this month to enjoy the sun and maybe even take some much needed vacation.  With that said, let’s get straight to the point on what you can find in this issue of Mobile MindShare.

  • Need to Know: What’s going on in the mobile tech revolution?  Insight into the IBM and Apple partnership as well as Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella’s recent letter to MSFT employees;
  • theIRevolution: New mobile apps from many of the largest investment banks;
  • Water Cooler: Great tips on “Employee Engagement” – learn why this has been such a hot topic among internal and corporate communications professionals and how mobile can help;
  • Mobile Views: DirecTV launches streaming service for NFL Sunday Ticket.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and look forward to connecting again with you soon!

Mobily yours,

Jeff Corbin
Founder, theCOMMSapp



Mobile Investor Apps

While we have been preaching that investors are mobile and want to utilize mobile apps in their work, new data suggests that investors don’t just want to stay-up-to-date with companies via mobile, they want to transact or invest via mobile apps as well.

According to a recent survey by Corporate Insight, “43% of investors surveyed said they used a mobile device to access their brokerage account at least once in the last year, up from 28% who did so in 2011. However, only 37% of the investors said they were ‘very satisfied’ with their brokerage’s mobile services.”  Additionally, a survey of 300 institutional investors conducted by theIRapp found that 63% of those surveyed look at investor-related content on their mobile devices throughout the day.  When considered together, it becomes clear that mobile devices are increasingly becoming a go-to solution for investors to research and invest in public companies.  The user experience and accessibility of the content provided, either for trading or research purposes, must be top notch or the companies themselves may be missing out on crucial investment dollars.

For a brief review of the new mobile apps being tested and used by some of today’s major investment and advisory firms, read the WSJ blog found here.


The Water Cooler  

5 Things to Consider When Creating Employee Engagement Programs

Through our discussions with current and potential clients about theEMPLOYEEapp, we have an opportunity to hear from hundreds of corporate communications professionals about the challenges they face in their work. As you might suspect, the topic of employee engagement often comes up in these conversations.

By now, we’ve all seen the alarming Gallup survey stats which state that more than 60 percent of Americans are not engaged at work, costing employers billions of dollars. A recent article gives some great insight and tips on how to develop programs to increase engagement.

Here are some of the tips that we found most interesting:

  1. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” – Before developing a plan, determine your benchmarks for success.
  2. Be real and set goals – You can’t increase engagement if you can’t admit that you have room for improvement. When you set your goals, make sure they aren’t afraid to get to the bottom of some tough questions.
  3. Solicit feedback often and pivot – Ask your employees how you are doing, how a program is going and take their feedback seriously. Make a change based on their responses.
  4. Empower your employees – Give your employees skin in the game. Let them know that they are part of the plan and that their opinions count.
  5. Think outside of the box – Companies should implement some innovative programs to increase engagement, including the use of mobile technology and games.

To learn more about ways to increase engagement, join a free webinar on August 14 at 2 p.m. ET on “Engaging the Mobile Employee Beyond Email,” hosted by the Business Development Institute. Hear from speakers that include:

  • Tracey Imm, Director – Internal Communications, Erickson Living
  • Kristen Ritter, Vice President, Internal Communications, 21st Century Fox
  • Jeff Corbin, Founder and CEO, theEMPLOYEEapp

In addition, for more information on how mobile technology can support internal communications, check out the recent feature from CIO Review on theEMPLOYEEapp.

Mobile Views

Are You Ready For Some Football! 

It’s the beginning of August and for a large number of Americans this means two things: (1) summer is rapidly coming to an end, and (2) football season is right around the corner!  But the real question is how and where are you going to be watching this season’s big games?

While some people prefer watching in the comfort of their own home, others prefer to go to their favorite bar.  Well, a third option now exists.  DirecTV is making sure that you can watch almost any game from your mobile device with the launch of  In doing so, one of the largest satellite TV providers in the U.S. has acknowledged that more and more Americans have made mobile part of their day to day lives.  In creating, they are making their content more accessible, just like HBO and a myriad of other broadcast companies have done over the last several years. This will likely have implications for advertising revenue, but more importantly for the U.S. consumer, will allow them to watch their favorite football games no matter where they are.


Need to Know 

Thinking Mobile First with Firsts in Mobile

This summer has been full of mobile firsts!

It started off with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sending a company-wide email outlining Microsoft’s vision and strategy for the future – and it was all about mobile!  Then Apple and IBM, once known to be arch enemies, announce a partnership to develop business-to-business (B2B) mobile apps.

Our takeaway?  ALL of the technology behemoths – Apple, Google, Oracle, Amazon and IBM – are focused on mobile computing and “the cloud.”  What does all this mean? From our point of view we believe this means the following . . .

  1. The PC is dying and the mobile device, particularly the tablet, will become the primary method of computing in the not-too-distant future;
  2. Apple products are increasingly becoming a functional business tool, as opposed to just a consumer device for fun and games;
  3. Business tools, software and solutions that aren’t designed for mobile first will struggle to compete in the enterprise and B2B marketplace.  Legacy systems developed for the PC will eventually be rendered obsolete to those developed for the mobile device.

Check out Jeff Corbin’s latest blog on what the Apple and IBM partnership means for more insight, or click here to see his favorite excerpts from Mr. Nadella’s letter to Microsoft employees.


Mobile Music of the Month

Surfin` Safari
The Beach Boys

Enjoy the rest of summer with this summertime classic!


theCOMMSapp Welcomes

Who: Banco Santander Chile (NYSE: BSAC) is the largest bank in Chile by loans and deposits. The bank has 504 branches and is a subsidiary of the Santander Group.

What: theIRapp

Interesting Fact: Banco Santander launched Cuentas Claras 2.0 in 2013, the first Personal Finance Manager in the Chilean banking industry.  For use in both smartphones and tablets, the mobile application had been used by more than 280,000 customers by year-end 2013.


ASRC Energy Services, Inc. (AES) is the largest Alaska-based, minority owned, oil and gas service company in the state and is headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska.

What: theEMPLOYEEapp

Interesting Fact: ASRC Energy Services employs over 4,000 men and women in Alaska and the Lower 48 states.


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