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theCOMMSapp™ Launches Native Mobile App Technology Platform for Communications Industry

theCOMMSapp™ Launches Native Mobile App Technology Platform for Communications Industry

NEW YORK, NY – October 28, 2013 – People are ‘married’ to their smartphones and tablets.  They constantly look at them for news, information and entertainment.  Communications professionals need a new strategy to target their key audiences where they are spending their time – in other words, on their mobile devices.

To address this need and new paradigm in communications, theCOMMSapp was launched today to provide communications professionals with a new app platform that empowers them to deliver targeted content (documents, video, audio, etc.) via a branded-app that is available on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android mobile devices.  theCOMMSapp affords organizations the ability to communicate directly with defined audiences by pushing content that specifically relates to them via a turnkey, native app solution.

Using the same technology platform as theIRapp, the groundbreaking app that allows public companies to communicate directly with its investors, theCOMMSapp was created by communications professionals to give organizations an efficient, simple and cost-effective means to disseminate corporate messages and insights via mobile.

“In today’s 24/7, digital media-driven society, ensuring that a company’s message reaches its audience has become more difficult. With people spending more time with mobile devices and less time at their desktop, it is imperative for communications professionals to identify the most effective way to utilize this new computing platform to reach their targeted audiences – whether it be employees, business analysts, customers, members, partners, etc.” said Jeff Corbin, founder of theCOMMSapp and theIRapp.

Corbin continued: “With theIRapp, we created a platform that revolutionized the way public companies engage with their investors.  We quickly recognized that our technology applies to others in the communications industry including public relations, internal communications and media relations professionals.  To the extent any organization, large or small, private or public, for-profit or not-for-profit wishes to engage directly with its audiences, mobile technology facilitates this.  And, theCOMMSapp offers a turn-key solution to do so.”

theCOMMSapp was designed so communications professionals can publish an app in a matter of weeks, without the need for costly and lengthy design processes or corporate IT department involvement. The subscription-based service includes a Content Management System that simplifies the uploading of content and pushing to app-using audiences. theCOMMSapp present a wide range of features making delivery and consumption of content easy and intuitive:

  • Ability to live stream conference calls and other live events and presentations
  • Ability for users to download content for offline viewing
  • Google Analytics for companies to measure reach and use of content
  • Ability for users to add events to a calendar
  • Horizontal/landscape viewing of content
  • Option to include a user sign up/register to receive content
  • Ability for users to share content across social channels and email
  • Ability to add privacy policy and require acknowledgement

About theCOMMSapp™

theCOMMSapp™ (communications app) is a native app technology platform for public relations, investor relations and the communications industry. It allows any organization that has a defined and targeted audience to have direct access to these important individuals and to optimize its communications content for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.  In only a few weeks, any company can have their own COMMS app available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play and provide all company constituents with company information that can include presentations, videos, audio podcasts, photographs, media placements (print and broadcast), fact sheets and marketing materials.

theCOMMSapp™ is a family of communications app building solutions that include theIRapp™ (for public companies), theEMPLOYEEapp™ (a secure employee communications mobile portal), and theFUNDSapp™ (for mutual, hedge, private equity and asset management funds).


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