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theIRapp™ Introduces First Mobile Solution for Providing Live, Streaming Media across Investor Relations Apps

theIRapp™ Introduces First Mobile Solution for Providing Live, Streaming Media across Investor Relations Apps

Launch of Version 5.0 Includes Expanded Homepage,

Customizable Content Folders and Sub-folders,

 Registration Option and New Content Management System

NEW YORK, NY – August 15, 2013theIRapp™ today launched Version 5.0 of its mobile native app technology platform for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  In response to requests from its subscribers and the professional investment community, the new version of theIRapp allows companies to live stream audio and video content including conference calls, webinars, live events and presentations via theIRapp.

Version 5.0 also introduces an expanded homepage, the ability to organize content into customized folders and subfolders, and an option to require a log-in and registration.  A new content management system (CMS) interface is being introduced that enhances the current app analytics available for a company to measure app usage and engagement as well as give companies greater control over the content categories and organization of their IR app.

Jeff Corbin, founder of theIRapp, said “The ability to stream live content through theIRapp demonstrates the real power of the native app as a communications platform, and something not available through a mobile optimized website.  Given the fact that the mobile device possesses audio, video and telecommunications, theIRapp now provides companies with an ecosystem through which to bring companies together in real time with their targeted audiences, especially investors.”

Corbin added: “theIRapp has an extensive product development pipeline that takes us through 2014.  As promised, we will continue to roll out new functionality and enhance our platform on at least a quarterly basis.  This is our commitment to being the leading native app communications technology platform on the market for both public and private companies.”

Additional updates launched today include the grouping of different content types (video, audio, or documents) into single folders within the app, and the inclusion of an optional policy (privacy, confidentiality, etc.) for the end user to agree with prior to viewing a company’s content.

theIRapp is a free download on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Market.  IR apps already published through theIRapp will automatically be updated to version 5.0.  Current functionality of theIRapp includes the following:

  • Downloadable content for offline viewing
  • Push notifications
  • Google Analytics
  • Direct/real-time mobile access to daily stock information
  • Proprietary CMS tool for easy update
  • Ability to add events to calendar
  • Horizontal/landscape viewing of content
  • Investor sign up/opt-in
  • Content sharing social/email
  • Unlimited customized content modules
  • Automatic populating of press releases and SEC filings
  • Live streaming of conference calls and other live events and presentations
  • Ability to add company description and multiple contacts for direct emailing and calling
  • Ability to add privacy policy and require acknowledgement
  • Ready in 2-3 weeks (just provide ticker symbol and logo)
  • NO effort to implement – NO company IT involvement

About theIRapp™

theIRapp™ is a turnkey mobile technology native application platform available to publicly traded companies listed on all global stock exchanges. It enables a company’s investor relations information to be available through Apple’s App Store for the iPhone and iPad as well as Google Play for Android devices.

By only providing a ticker symbol and logo, a public company can have its own customized app available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play Market in less than three weeks. Through theIRapp™, retail and institutional investors have access to automated, real-time stock price information (via live data feeds), press releases, SEC filings, analyst coverage, corporate documents (fact sheets, presentations, etc.), videos, audiocast conference calls, upcoming events and other custom company information.