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theIRapp® Unveils Platform Enhancements at 2014 NIRI Annual Conference

theIRapp® Unveils Platform Enhancements at 2014 NIRI Annual Conference 

Version 6.5 Enables User Contact Capture and Advanced User Targeting Analytics 

NEW YORK and LAS VEGAS (June 9, 2014) — theIRapp®, a native app communications platform available for publicly traded companies listed on all global stock exchanges, today announced new enhancements and functionality with its Version 6.5 update.  The new version enables companies to capture the identity of those downloading their IR app and also provides analytics to better understand how these individuals are interacting with their IR app as well as to target prospective investors.

The enhancements were unveiled at the National Institute for Investor Relations (NIRI) Annual Conference in Las Vegas, where theIRapp is a sponsor (booth #429 & 431).

The User Contact Capture is an optional feature that allows companies to require investors to register before being able to view content within their IR app. The contact information is then made available to the company in a database within their content management system (CMS).

Building on the User Contact Capture feature, Advanced User Analytics are also available.  For those companies that are looking to use their IR app as a tool for targeting new investors, the analytics feature allows companies to track what content a user is viewing as well as time spent on particular pieces of content such as presentations, videos and conference calls.  Additionally, it provides a wealth of segmentation features for companies to overlay a variety of data (user name, user groups, investor type, content consumed, geography, etc.) and obtain information that is particularly relevant to the company and its investor following. 

Jeff Corbin, CEO and Founder of theIRapp, said, “The advancements made in Version 6.5 provide a new level of insight for companies that subscribe to theIRapp. As mobile devices continue to proliferate within the investor relations industry and as mobile technology becomes more advanced and powerful, theIRapp is committed to continuing to develop and enhance our platform to make it a practical business tool for public companies as well as their investors.  Version 6.5’s data capture and advanced user analytics can now be used to supplement existing IR outreach efforts. No other IR app solution on the market allows for this level of analysis.”

To learn more about theIRapp platform and the new features available, companies can visit theIRapp at the NIRI Annual Conference or Contact Us today for an online demonstration.

About theIRapp®

theIRapp®, part of theCOMMSapp family of communications app building solutions, is a native turnkey app platform available for publicly traded companies listed on all global stock exchanges. It enables public companies to push important company information to its investors where they are engaged the most, on their mobile device. In only a matter of weeks, a company can have its own branded IR app available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.  Through theIRapp, retail and institutional investors have access to automated, real-time stock price information (via live data feeds), press releases, SEC filings and other custom company content (multimedia and documents) such as analyst coverage, presentations, webcasts and videos. Additionally, a company can live stream events and earnings calls directly through theIRapp. Companies of all market capitalizations and industries subscribe to theIRapp including Marathon Oil, Colgate-Palmolive, Campbell’s Soup and Teva Pharmaceuticals.

About theCOMMSapp™

theCOMMSapp™ is a family of communications app building solutions that includes theIRapp® (for public companies and funds), theEMPLOYEEapp™ (a secure employee communications mobile portal) and theCOMMSapp (for external communications).

It allows any organization that has a defined and targeted audience to have direct access to these important individuals and to optimize its content for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. In only a few weeks, any company can have their own app available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play to provide important company information that can include presentations, videos, audio podcasts, photographs, media placements (print and broadcast), fact sheets and marketing materials. Companies can also stream live events through the app.

For more information about theCOMMSapp visit and follow the company on Twitter @theCOMMSapp.

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