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Mobile Usage by the Institutional Investor – 2014 Mobile Survey

Interesting conversations took place at this year’s NIRI annual conference in Las Vegas on the
subject of mobile, apps and the importance of this technology to our industry and IR
communications. Many great companies, both large and small, have already embraced the
importance of having a mobile IR strategy while others are still questioning its need.

As an IR consultant for more than 15 years and as the founder of theIRapp®, I have worked
diligently over the past couple of years in trying to educate the communications industry about
the importance of mobile as a platform to assist us in our work as well as the opportunity it
presents. Who would have imagined that in just two years since our launch at the NIRI
conference in Seattle, that almost everyone would have an iPhone, iPad, Android or more than

In a recent blog that was published on, I follow in the footsteps of Oracle CEO Larry
Ellison in believing that in the near future, the PC will become obsolete (see the recent
interview of Larry Ellison on CNN). Rather, mobile technology and cloud computing will prevail.
Think about it this way: Microsoft, which for the past decades was the champion of the PC is
now investing heavily in both the cloud (Office 365) and mobile (the Surface tablet); Amazon
has a huge business in the cloud (Amazon Web Services); Apple and Google are all about mobile
and apps; and Oracle, as stated above, has never believed in the future of the PC. Five of the
largest technology companies in the world have all but concluded that the future rests with

To put this conversation in the context of how it applies to the IR industry (and in an effort to
better understand how the investment community is conforming to the rapid expansion of
mobile phones and tablets), theIRapp conducted its second annual institutional investor survey.
The findings reveal that the investment community is no different than any other industry. Investors are quickly recognizing the value that mobile plays in their work and are taking full
advantage of the on-the-go benefits it offers.

The infographic below highlights the findings of the 2014 survey. For more information on the
survey or to share your thoughts on the future of mobile, feel free to contact me at or follow me on Twitter @jcorbinIR.

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