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Will theCOMMSapp Pave the Way for a New Era of Mobile Communication?

It was only 15 years ago that the internet was becoming commercialized, but now a new paradigm is taking shape. It’s the mobile revolution and it is changing the game for communications professionals and how they disseminate information to their target audiences. Just as all companies now have a website; it is only a matter of time before all companies have a mobile app. The ability to push content and interact directly and immediately through the mobile device is the way of the future.

This week, the founder of theCOMMSapp, Jeff Corbin spoke with Doug Simon about the proliferation of mobile devices and the vital role apps play in establishing a brand.

To learn more about theCOMMSapp and the future of mobile communications, watch Jeff Corbin’s full interview with Doug Simon below.

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So here we are at the 2013 Public Relations Society of America’s International Conference in Philadelphia where we just launched theCOMMSapp, the mobile technology platform that allows any organization to have a native app on the App Store and Google Play in less than three weeks and to connect directly with their targeted audiences.

We are having a great conference here meeting with COMMS professionals, educators and students who are having an “A-HA” moment realizing that all of the great content that they create for their companies or clients can be pushed instantaneously to those individuals who they so want to get in front of and who care about their organization.

We have been speaking with heads of corporate COMMS and internal communications from large corporations who were so excited to learn that a mobile platform now exists to create an app to push notices, HR information, videos and other important content to their thousands of employees located around the world through an extremely simple and intuitive cloud-based content management system that does not have to involve IT, security or web development.

We have spoken with heads of PR agencies that realize that they can now offer their clients a mobile strategy as part of a broader communications program.

And, we have had great conversations with COMMS professionals at non-profit organizations and higher education institutions that have been trying to figure out an easy and cost effective way to reach their donors, members and alumni to justify the contributions that help fund their organizations.

This is an exciting time for the COMMS industry.  Think about it – the last time there was a new technological platform for communicating was in the late 1990s when the Internet was just becoming commercialized.  Now we have mobile as a means for direct communications.

theCOMMSapp intends to lead the way in mobile technology for the communications industry.  We hope to have the opportunity to share our platform with you.


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Corporate Communications Apps and Today’s Communicator

Communications professionals work throughout every industry building a framework for positioning corporate messages, insights and developments. At the highest level, it’s their mission to get those messages dispatched along the correct channels to reach the correct audiences.

However, in today’s 24/7, digital-media driven and information overload world, ensuring that a company’s message actually reaches its desired audience has become ever more difficult.  That is, until today.  Mobile devices and apps now exist and have proliferated to such a great extent that organizations can easily and directly reach those individuals who can make a difference to their businesses or missions.  Communications apps have emerged as an ecosystem for corporate communications professionals to explore new strategies to attract customers, develop relationships, and leverage positive attention.

There is a mobile revolution underway. This isn’t just a growing trend; it’s a complete paradigm shift in how people expect to consume information.  A recent eMarketer survey in 2013 showed that U.S. adults will spend almost half of their overall media time — 43.6 percent — with digital. Of that time, 19.4 percent will be spent on mobile, compared with 19.2 percent on laptops and PCs.  If the role of today’s corporate communicator is to get the message out using the right medium, native apps, with more than 30 billion downloaded in 2011 are a solution.

Corporate communications can’t be just about chasing trends, however.  So consider that Yankee Group analyst Rich Karpinski forecasted the size of the new “mobile economy” to reach U.S. $3.1 trillion by 2017. In Karpinski’s report “Mobile Leadership Strategies – Leading in the Mobile Economy” – he says “As the world becomes ever more mobile, the old guard fades away and new, vibrant mobile leaders come to the fore. What do they all have in common? They all see not only how mobility changes the rules of the game, but also how mastering the new rules and leveraging mobility will catapult them past their competitors, helping them drive revenue growth and capture mobile success.”

With that perspective, now is the time for a solution like theCOMMSapp – the native app technology platform that allows any organization to affordably have an app on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Market in only a few weeks.  theCOMMSapp will officially launch at the 2013 Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) International conference in Philadelphia in a few weeks.  We look forward to meeting our fellow communicators at this event.  Until then, you can learn more about our native app technology communications platform by visiting

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