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Will theCOMMSapp Pave the Way for a New Era of Mobile Communication?

It was only 15 years ago that the internet was becoming commercialized, but now a new paradigm is taking shape. It’s the mobile revolution and it is changing the game for communications professionals and how they disseminate information to their target audiences. Just as all companies now have a website; it is only a matter of time before all companies have a mobile app. The ability to push content and interact directly and immediately through the mobile device is the way of the future.

This week, the founder of theCOMMSapp, Jeff Corbin spoke with Doug Simon about the proliferation of mobile devices and the vital role apps play in establishing a brand.

To learn more about theCOMMSapp and the future of mobile communications, watch Jeff Corbin’s full interview with Doug Simon below.

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Or, in the context of the mobile revolution and the communications industry, “what came first the tablet or the PC?”

Today, three tech behemoths – Apple, Nokia and Microsoft – are unveiling new tablets. The mobile revolution continues and, if you take a step back and think about it, you will probably agree with me that it is absolutely fascinating.  In such a short period of time mobile devices have exploded and are on the verge of rendering desktop computing obsolete. Well, not exactly, but they certainly are changing the way we do everything from work to play.

In the communications industry, mobile offers huge potential.  The question is how best to take advantage of it.  Let me submit that one should consider mobile as a primary means in which to communicate with a targeted audience.  A native app solution (i.e. those little things you can only find in the App Store and Google Play) offers a huge opportunity to push information directly to an audience that wants to receive it.  For example, an investor in a public company wants to know immediately if there is a material event taking place that might cause them to want to sell or buy shares; an employee needs to know immediately what is going on in his or her company that might affect their livelihood; it is the job of an analyst or journalist covering an industry to have access to information in real time that impacts relevant trends; and members in an organization need to know today about an upcoming event taking place tomorrow for fear of missing it or being left out.  Mobile, via a native app solution, can make this happen – and it doesn’t require a major time commitment or expense.

In considering a mobile strategy, organizations should first think about the power of the mobile device as a primary communications tool rather than as an extension of the desktop.  Yes there are ways to reverse engineer a website into a mobile device (the tech talk for this is known as HTML5 coding or responsive design).  But this requires a “pull” of information, not a “push” as afforded by native mobile apps.

Mobile presents the greatest technological opportunity to communicators that our industry has seen in more than a decade.  Today’s news regarding tablets will be one of many mobile announcements that will occur from now through the holiday season and that will culminate with CES in January 2014.  As mobile devices are offered at lower price points with larger screens and technology enhancements, companies should now consider strategies to reach their targeted audiences through this critical communications platform.

For those of you who will be there next week, I look forward to discussing the mobile opportunity for the COMMS industry at the upcoming Public Relations Society of America’s International Conference in Philadelphia.

Jeff Corbin is the founder of theIRapp, the native app platform for the communications industry.  theIRapp is a family of communications products including theCOMMSapp, theEMPLOYEEapp and theFUNDSapp.

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Jeff Corbin Discusses theCOMMSapp

Mobile technology has changed the way we communicate and consume information. For communications professionals, there is no question that mobile is a great way to gain direct access to an organization’s targeted audience. If they haven’t started, by 2014 most companies will be considering a mobile communications strategy. After experiencing great success with theIRapp, we have taken the tested technology platform and developed new products to help organizations communicate their messages to their key audiences via mobile.

This weekend we are launching theCOMMSapp at the Public Relations Society of America’s International Conference in Philadelphia. theCOMMSapp enables communications professionals to give organizations an efficient, simple and cost-effective means to disseminate corporate messages and insights via a native mobile app on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play.  We have created a Mobile Corporate Communications LinkedIn group, which we encourage you to join to share your insights on developing mobile strategies for corporate communications. We are very interested in learning what communications professionals are thinking about when it comes to using mobile device in their work.

If you will be attending the PRSA conference, make sure to stop by theCOMMSapp booth and learn more about our native app platform. We look forward to meeting you all there and introducing you to theCOMMSapp.

Below you can find my latest video blog on theCOMMSapp, I hope you watch and enjoy!


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