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How simple is it to have a native IR app? Thanks to a new partnership between Nasdaq Corporate Solutions and theIRapp, real simple!

The financial services industry is just beginning to grasp the importance of mobile – well kind of. Many organizations including banks, insurance companies and investment firms have created consumer apps for Apple and Android mobile devices enabling mobile banking as well as account information retrieval.

However, the use of native mobile apps on the professional/B2B side, is just starting to take off. Public companies, in particular, are beginning to market their stories and investment proposition to investors via mobile. Since the launch of theIRapp by APPrise Mobile, nearly 100,000 investors from around the world have downloaded the apps of more than 100 publicly traded companies, including companies like Colgate-Palmolive and Duke Energy (United States), Royal DSM (the Netherlands), TIM and CEMIG (Brazil), Teva Pharmaceuticals (Israel) and Dexus (Australia).

And this number will only continue to grow considering theIRapp’s recent partnership with Nasdaq Corporate Solutions. As part of a new offering, companies utilizing Nasdaq’s IR website hosting service will be able to have key content contained on their IR websites streamed seamlessly and instantaneously into their own branded, native IR app that can be found in Apple’s App Store for iPhones and iPads and the Google Play for Android mobile devices. In addition, these companies’ IR apps are available in theIRappFOLIO so that investors can download a single app that aggregates the apps of multiple companies they follow.

As investors become more dependent on their mobile devices for their work, tools like theIRapp and theIRappFOLIO will become ever more important especially considering functionality that native apps offer like push notifications, offline viewing of content, streaming of live and archived events like quarterly conference calls as well as the ability to take notes on documents contained within the app.

Whether it’s for use during non-deal or public offering roadshows, investor/analyst days and conferences or just for company marketing purposes, IR apps provide a proactive way for companies to keep their investors apprised of new information. Indeed, CNBC’s Jim Cramer correctly summed it up during an interview with APPrise Mobile founder and CEO, Jeff Corbin on Mad Money when he said, theIRapp “makes doing [investor’s] homework easier than ever right from [their] mobile device.”

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Twitter Chat Recap: Is Internal Comms Going Mobile?

Last week, APPrise Mobile teamed up with PRSA for a twitter party to discuss how companies can engage with their dispersed workforce. Nearly 100 communications professionals from all over the country took part in sharing their thoughts, questions and strategies around the ways their companies are communicating with their most important audience – their employees.

By the end of the chat, it was clear that those participating understood the opportunity that mobile technology presents and the ability it affords so that organizations large and small can communicate instantaneously with a workforce that is not all under one roof. Although everyone is on board with mobile, not all companies are embracing a mobile communications strategy. Email still seems to be the most common channel employers are using to communicate.  However, as it was discussed during the chat, the issue with email is that employees tend to receive hundreds on a daily basis making it likely that they’ll miss something important. This affords mobile technology, and the software that supports them, such as apps, the ability to be a game changer for communicators.

The opportunity for a company to have its own mobile app means they now have the ability to push important information directly to their employee’s devices, and have notifications appear on the home screens of those devices. Push notifications represent the ability to cut through the clutter of the emails received and target our employees in a direct and personal manner.

Below are some highlights from the chat.  If you want to see more, search #PRSAchat on twitter.  Make sure to stay up to date with us on Twitter for future social events!



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Did it change your life when you purchased your first smartphone?

I give directions (or my speaking voice does) in many millions of cars around the world every day.  If I were to give you directions about going mobile in your company I would have three little words for you.  “Find a way.”

Mobile is not just trending.  It is now and it is here to stay.

I have a confession.  Even though my speaking voice has been in iPhones and iPads since the beginning of the “Siri” application in October of 2011, I’ve only had my very own iPhone since June.  It’s clear I am late to the party and in particular to the app party, but it has changed my life.

Did it change your life when you purchased your first smartphone?

Everything. Became. Easier.

You do not have a moment to waste if your company does not have a mobile strategy.  We are way past the point of asking when or how we might customize our brand’s marketing for mobile.  It is essential.  More people are accessing web content more frequently on mobile than any other way.  It’s true a significant amount of actual shopping takes place on desktops, but for how long is a moving target.

“Where do I start?” I hear you cry

Just take one step in the direction you want to be headed.  I know that sounds extremely simple, but it is the only way any big task is accomplished.  Make decisions then Recalculate as you go.

What do you mean “Recalculate”?

When you hear the word “Recalculating” when driving, it means you have taken a wrong turn.  By the time you hear the word “Recalculating” you are already back on track, the satellites have worked their magic and you are headed to your destination.  I recommend using this principle in everyday business and life.  Make a decision, head in the direction of your destination, and if you find you have made a wrong turn, “Recalculate.”  It’s a simple way to build your momentum and keep moving forward.  It’s a tool to help us lighten up when things do not go as planned and we need to make changes.  Not making decisions for the fear of not getting it perfectly right can be paralyzing.  Make the decision knowing you can recalculate at any time along the way.

There are easy ways.  There are many great ready to go options to plug in so your presence is translated across all platforms and amplified through the creation of apps.

From my own experience, the benefits of being able to track my travel through my United Airlines app are many and obvious.  I feel more connected to my favorite airline.  I feel more organized.  I have piece of mind my boarding passes and any travel alerts and those precious frequent flyer miles are all literally at the end of my fingertips at any moment.

You are not selling your products or services.  You are actually providing an experience for your clients and customers.  My experience with United is one of feeling more closely connected to them.  But I expect you already know the many benefits of mobile.  Don’t lose sight of the fact it’s the emotional experience that will drive business to your brand, and your mobile direction is an asset you cannot afford to overlook.

Who do I know who is doing this already?

One of my favorite ways to get anything done is to find someone who has done it.  How did they go about it?  What is the simplest way to accomplish that task in a short time frame?  Efficiency, effectiveness and affordability are all key factors when we are implementing a new strategy at  It’s what we stand for.

The GPS Girl’s Directions for Going Mobile

1. Look for the simple starting point.

2. Ask someone you know who has already stepped into mobile and done it well.

3. Make decisions then Recalculate as you go.

For more from Karen visit or if you are in the NYC area come out to her Recalculate Your Best Year Yet – April 5th, 2014 – One Day Live Event this weekend!

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