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Startups Aim to Replace Corporate Email: Will Companies Really Ditch Email Altogether?

Since the official launch of theEMPLOYEEapp in March, we have had numerous discussions with companies, large and small, regarding the challenges they face when communicating with their workforce.  A topic that repeatedly has come up is the fact that employees are overloaded with emails.  In that vein, a recent Wall Street Journal story caught our eye on a new wave of startups looking to replace email. Companies like Slack and Asana are aiming to become the alternative to email and are attempting to offer a way for employees to collaborate outside of the inbox walls.

Given the proliferation of mobile  technology and the ability to “push” information directly into the pockets of those who have opted in to receive it, it is not surprising that entrepreneurial companies are looking to take advantage of the “mobile wave” and to create a 21st Century replacement for email.

We don’t think that email will disappear any time soon. However, with new solutions that already exist or are becoming available, reliance upon email will certainly diminish. Through our discussions with our customers, companies that have incorporated theEMPLOYEEapp into their internal communications efforts have been able to limit the quantity of emails they send about business processes, company updates, news sharing, etc.

Computing is undoubtedly moving away from the personal computer to the mobile computer. To the extent email was developed for the operating systems of the PC, something new that takes better advantage of the operating systems of mobile devices will probably prevail.

Exciting change is upon us – are you ready for it?  Are you ready to ditch email altogether?  Let us know what you think!

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6 Effective Ways to Market Your Mobile App

Throughout our discussions with potential subscribers, we frequently hear the question, “Well I like the app, but how do I let my audience know about it?”  Whether the intended audience is investors, employees or any other group interested in downloading your communications app, they have to know about the app before they can use it.

To jumpstart your efforts, we put together a brief list of effective ways to market your mobile app.  Our subscribers that utilize all of these tools available to them have seen a substantial number of downloads and continue to see increases with their continued use.

The “How-To” of Marketing Your Mobile App:

1) Announce the app via an email blast to your membership or audience base.  While current statistics show that only about 1 out of every 4 emails gets read, this will provide a solid base to get your app off the ground.  Moreover, given that 65% of email gets opened first on a mobile device, there’s a good chance that these interested individuals will download your app on the spot.

2) Put out a press release announcing your app.  A number of our subscribers have announced their app via press releases and have seen an immediate increase in downloads.  Check out some of the press releases here:

3) Post the Apple App Store and Google Play icons onto your website.  These can then link directly to your app on the respective sites and allow for easy download of the app.  Individuals interested in your organization will almost always go to your website for more information.  Advertising your app on your website is a great way to stay in touch with those individuals while they are not in front of a computer.

4) Use these same icons in your email signature.  This is a great way to promote your app without having to do any additional work.

5) Add a sentence to your boilerplate in all future press releases. Apps are dominating mobile traffic, so in the same way you promote your website in your boilerplate, you should also be promoting your new communications app.

6) Utilize a QR code in various promotional materials such as emails, event invitations, advertisements or newsletters in order to further spread the word about your app.  Using all of the technology that individuals already have on a smartphone will allow you to connect with your target audience in the most efficient manner.

To discuss additional ways on how to market your mobile app, or to discuss how theCOMMSapp can become your mobile communications tool, you can reach us at or @theCOMMSapp.

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Mobilizing Your Analyst Day

As companies prepare to host their annual 2014 analyst days, or perhaps plan one for the first time, it’s a great time to consider a mobile IR strategy.  As we know, almost everyone who will attend these events has some sort of mobile device.  Indeed, as the research shows, investors are becoming more dependent on their mobile device to receive investor information and are requiring that the content provided be easy to access and read. In preparation for upcoming analyst days, theCOMMSapp and its family of communications app building solutions including theIRapp, wanted to share three tips to help you cater to your mobile investor and garner as much participation as possible.

– Want to make sure that everyone remembers when your analyst day is taking place?

Tip: Through native mobile apps you can allow for investors to add events to their calendar and, on the day of the event, “push” them a notification as a reminder.

– Not everyone will be able to attend the live event – But they can still participate live even if not in the office.

Tip: Webcast the event live through your native mobile app.  Simply take the same URL that you use on your website and insert it into your app’s content management system.  You investors will experience the same viewing and listening experience as on the desktop (of course provided they have an Internet or Wi-Fi connection).

– What about after the event?  You just went to major expense to pull off a successful day. Why should it not exist beyond?

Tip: Create an “Analyst Day” folder on your IR app and include in it the presentations, press releases, archive audio files (.mp3/.m4a) and any videos that were shown (.mp4).   Whether your  investors and analysts were in attendance, this is a great and easy way for them to review all the content and information that you provided them with during this important day.

We have seen great success with companies that have taken advantage of our native app platform to push important information to their investors. Are you a company that plans on using your IRapp for an analyst day? We would love to hear your feedback.

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