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Vote For Jeff Corbin To Present “Workforce MobilAPPzation” at SXSW 2015

We want to educate SXSW attendees about the opportunity to use mobile technology to engage their colleagues and employees.

There is a new reality. It’s the mobile reality. Workers are no longer sitting behind a big box (PC) to get their job done. They are mobile and require mobile tools to be successful, feel engaged with their employer and thrive.

Check out theEMPLOYEapp Founder, Jeff Corbin’s proposed presentation topic titled, “Workforce MobilAPPzation” on the SXSW Panel Picker. If you like it, give it a thumbs up here


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Did it change your life when you purchased your first smartphone?

I give directions (or my speaking voice does) in many millions of cars around the world every day.  If I were to give you directions about going mobile in your company I would have three little words for you.  “Find a way.”

Mobile is not just trending.  It is now and it is here to stay.

I have a confession.  Even though my speaking voice has been in iPhones and iPads since the beginning of the “Siri” application in October of 2011, I’ve only had my very own iPhone since June.  It’s clear I am late to the party and in particular to the app party, but it has changed my life.

Did it change your life when you purchased your first smartphone?

Everything. Became. Easier.

You do not have a moment to waste if your company does not have a mobile strategy.  We are way past the point of asking when or how we might customize our brand’s marketing for mobile.  It is essential.  More people are accessing web content more frequently on mobile than any other way.  It’s true a significant amount of actual shopping takes place on desktops, but for how long is a moving target.

“Where do I start?” I hear you cry

Just take one step in the direction you want to be headed.  I know that sounds extremely simple, but it is the only way any big task is accomplished.  Make decisions then Recalculate as you go.

What do you mean “Recalculate”?

When you hear the word “Recalculating” when driving, it means you have taken a wrong turn.  By the time you hear the word “Recalculating” you are already back on track, the satellites have worked their magic and you are headed to your destination.  I recommend using this principle in everyday business and life.  Make a decision, head in the direction of your destination, and if you find you have made a wrong turn, “Recalculate.”  It’s a simple way to build your momentum and keep moving forward.  It’s a tool to help us lighten up when things do not go as planned and we need to make changes.  Not making decisions for the fear of not getting it perfectly right can be paralyzing.  Make the decision knowing you can recalculate at any time along the way.

There are easy ways.  There are many great ready to go options to plug in so your presence is translated across all platforms and amplified through the creation of apps.

From my own experience, the benefits of being able to track my travel through my United Airlines app are many and obvious.  I feel more connected to my favorite airline.  I feel more organized.  I have piece of mind my boarding passes and any travel alerts and those precious frequent flyer miles are all literally at the end of my fingertips at any moment.

You are not selling your products or services.  You are actually providing an experience for your clients and customers.  My experience with United is one of feeling more closely connected to them.  But I expect you already know the many benefits of mobile.  Don’t lose sight of the fact it’s the emotional experience that will drive business to your brand, and your mobile direction is an asset you cannot afford to overlook.

Who do I know who is doing this already?

One of my favorite ways to get anything done is to find someone who has done it.  How did they go about it?  What is the simplest way to accomplish that task in a short time frame?  Efficiency, effectiveness and affordability are all key factors when we are implementing a new strategy at  It’s what we stand for.

The GPS Girl’s Directions for Going Mobile

1. Look for the simple starting point.

2. Ask someone you know who has already stepped into mobile and done it well.

3. Make decisions then Recalculate as you go.

For more from Karen visit or if you are in the NYC area come out to her Recalculate Your Best Year Yet – April 5th, 2014 – One Day Live Event this weekend!

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Key Trends from Apps World 2014

As I return from Apps World 2014 in San Francisco, I wanted to reflect on what I saw, heard and learned.

The keynote lecture was given by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniack. He was seated on a stage while everyone in attendance stood around with their mobile devices held high to take a picture of Woz so that they could prove to their bosses that they really were there. My key take away from Woz’s remarks: Apps are the future of mobile. If they are not created to allow for the best user experience and don’t work well or easily, people will not use them and hence, will delete them from their devices.

This blog originally appeared on Wired. To read the full article click here.

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