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The Super Bowl and Taking Your Content Mobile

This year more than 111.5 million people tuned in to see the Seattle Seahawks defeat the Denver Broncos in the most-watched program on television. However, as we all know, the Super Bowl isn’t just about football any more. Rather, viewers are as much if not more interested in the commercials and the half time show.

Over the past few years, social media engagement and conversations have played a key role for brands leading up to and throughout the Super Bowl. This year there were 24.9 million tweets shared during the game. Approximately 58% of all the national ads during the game featured a hashtag demonstrating a very simple fact: If you are going to advertise during the Super Bowl or on television in general, you had better be ready to promote your brand on the viewer’s second screen – their mobile device.

Like most of you, I found myself watching the game on a large flat screen TV while googling player stats, checking Facebook and even re-watching some of the commercials on my iPad. Brands need to start taking advantage of this new viewing behavior and come up with mobile strategies to address the millions of us who are also attached to our mobile devices. Here are a few ways to get started:

  • Involve the audience. Some of the brands advertising during the Super Bowl shared their ads prior to the Super Bowl; but there is still more they could do. For example, by having a native app, they could push the commercial directly to their audiences. This would give their loyal fans an instant, first look at the ad and stir up a strong conversation among those individuals who care about them the most (and hence are willing to download an app to their mobile device).
  • Direct the Audience to Their Device. Mobile apps can take a 30-second commercial and make it last longer by redirecting fans to a brand’s app. Instead of giving away the ending of a commercial, share a discount code or offer some sort of exclusive content – this will allow a brand to continue to engage with its target audience long after the big game is over.
  • Going Mobile All the Way. No brand has yet to push out a commercial solely through a mobile app. As the world becomes more mobile, brands will have no choice but to take on a mobile first approach to their marketing and communications. Eventually, brands will be able to create commercials exclusively to be pushed out via native apps and save the $1.5 million that they spend on a 30 second ad during the Super Bowl – now this is ROI.

 As the number of mobile devices and tablets continue to increase, the way information is consumed and shared continues to evolve. There is no question that the importance of mobile as a tool for communications is increasing. I guess we’ll just have to wait until Super Bowl XLIX to see how this shakes out.

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2014 Mobile Predictions from theCOMMSapp

The rising number of mobile devices continues to change the way information is consumed, shared and engaged with on a daily basis. The general public is spending more time on their devices than ever before, making mobile an essential part of any organization’s communication plan. Check out our predictions of what you should expect to see during 2014.

  • Native Apps and Mobile SEO. Google is now allowing apps to support deep linking on Android mobile devices. However, only those organizations that have a native app presence on the Google Play will be able to benefit. As a result, businesses will continue to embrace native apps during 2014 rather than just making their websites responsive to the many mobile screens out there.  A “mobile first” approach will evolve this year and it will be up to app developers to serious consider the key words, tags and links contained within the apps they create. The development of deep linking within a mobile app provides a new channel for optimization and solidifies the importance of having a native app mobile strategy.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Many organizations are already adopting a BYOD programs.  This trend will continue during 2014 – and why shouldn’t it?  Mobile is here and pretty much everyone has some sort of mobile device.  According to a survey done by IBM, BYOD is shown to increase productivity and innovation in employees as well as to increase employee satisfaction. Employees are more comfortable using a personal device that is of their own choosing rather than one selected and provided to them by their employer.
  • Living For Mobile. Nomophobia is the fear of not being connected due to lack of batter power, signal or loss of one’s mobile device. As mobile becomes even more engrained in everything we do in life during 2014, more and more people will be diagnosed with Nomophobia.

We look forward to seeing how mobile continues to change the way we do business in 2014. Do you have any mobile trends you predict for this year?

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Find the Direction for Your Mobile Marketing Plan

Many organizations are faced with challenges when it comes to communicating with their key target audiences.  Employee engagement and communications is increasingly becoming more difficult given the global nature of business. The vast majority of the work force is not sitting behind desks with access to desktop computers. Rather, they are in trucks, in warehouses or in the field and as a result they have a difficult time communicating simultaneously and consistently with all of their employees. According to Gallup, 70% of American workers are not engaged or actively disengaged costing the U.S. an estimated $450 – $550 billion per year.

The constant changes in technology, social media and mobile can be overwhelming. Learn the importance of having a marketing strategy, how to effectively build it and the tools available to form a solid connection with your target audience by joining Jeff Corbin, founder of theCOMMSapp™ , and Karen Jacobsen, The GPS Girl® for a free webinar on January 16, 2014 at 2pm EST. You can register for the event here. We hope you will join us!

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DATE: January 16, 2014

TIME: 2:00pm EST

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