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SEO in 2014 – The importance of a mobile app strategy

Search engines are the primary way people find things online – from news to products and services.   As a result, having a search engine optimization strategy has become critical to any person or organization who uses their website as a marketing or sales tool.

Up until now, SEO has only been about ensuring that the content within a website is optimized.  The determination of appropriate key words and proper tagging of them within a website’s copy has been of paramount concern to web developers.  This is about to change.   Google recently announced that it is allowing apps to support deep linking on Android mobile devices.  As a result, the content contained within Android apps will become searchable and provide another opportunity for companies to enhance their ranking in the organic search.  However, only those organizations that have a native app presence on the Google Play will be able to benefit.

The development of deep linking within a mobile app provides a new channel for optimization and solidifies the importance of having a native app and mobile strategy.  And, it goes without saying that the more opportunities for SEO, the stronger a company’s overall ranking will become by synching keywords across all brand properties.

So what steps should a company now take?  A couple of key points:

First, and most important, is to implement a mobile app strategy.  Apple’s App Store and the Google Play market are no longer just about fun and games.  Rather, Apple and Google have provided the storefront for the creation of software for the mobile device/computer via “apps.”  Put another way, apps are to mobile computing as URLs or websites are to desktop computing.  Doesn’t it now make sense why Google is incorporating search into its apps?

Second, the basics of SEO should not change.  The same serious consideration should be given to key words contained within apps as well as appropriate tagging and linking.

Google’s determination to allow deep linking within apps is arguably the most prolific search engine optimization advancement to come about in years.  While it remains to be seen how Apple will adapt, the development reinforces the importance of mobile to business and the need to have a mobile strategy going into 2014.

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