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Investor Targeting Functionality Available for Companies with theIRapp

Any public company, particularly small- and micro-cap companies, knows that proactive investor targeting is critical. With more than 60,000 publicly traded companies, institutional investor time is finite and so is yours. Wasting time courting investors that will likely never take a position in your company can be a futile task.

Every piece of data about an investor can help you better communicate and market your company’s value proposition. And, last week, at the NIRI National Conference, theIRapp announced updates to its platform (Version 6.5) to help companies understand who is downloading their IR app and even follow how a specific investor uses the app – whether they look at SEC filings, press releases, presentations, videos, you name it! The platform provides detailed analytics to companies about the type of content and time spent within the app, and it also provides a wealth of segmentation features for companies to overlay a variety of data (user name, user groups, investor type, content consumed, geography, etc.).  Companies can then easily obtain information that is particularly relevant to themselves and their investor following.

The IROs that we had a chance to speak with at the conference all noted that having access to this kind of granular data could be extremely beneficial to their overall investor relations communications strategy.  Not only could this help them maintain relationships with existing investors, but it could also enable them to forge new relationships with investors as they could truly understand the type of information the investor was interested in receiving in the future.

To learn more about Version 6.5 you can read the press release here.

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Mobile Usage by the Institutional Investor – 2014 Mobile Survey

Interesting conversations took place at this year’s NIRI annual conference in Las Vegas on the
subject of mobile, apps and the importance of this technology to our industry and IR
communications. Many great companies, both large and small, have already embraced the
importance of having a mobile IR strategy while others are still questioning its need.

As an IR consultant for more than 15 years and as the founder of theIRapp®, I have worked
diligently over the past couple of years in trying to educate the communications industry about
the importance of mobile as a platform to assist us in our work as well as the opportunity it
presents. Who would have imagined that in just two years since our launch at the NIRI
conference in Seattle, that almost everyone would have an iPhone, iPad, Android or more than

In a recent blog that was published on, I follow in the footsteps of Oracle CEO Larry
Ellison in believing that in the near future, the PC will become obsolete (see the recent
interview of Larry Ellison on CNN). Rather, mobile technology and cloud computing will prevail.
Think about it this way: Microsoft, which for the past decades was the champion of the PC is
now investing heavily in both the cloud (Office 365) and mobile (the Surface tablet); Amazon
has a huge business in the cloud (Amazon Web Services); Apple and Google are all about mobile
and apps; and Oracle, as stated above, has never believed in the future of the PC. Five of the
largest technology companies in the world have all but concluded that the future rests with

To put this conversation in the context of how it applies to the IR industry (and in an effort to
better understand how the investment community is conforming to the rapid expansion of
mobile phones and tablets), theIRapp conducted its second annual institutional investor survey.
The findings reveal that the investment community is no different than any other industry. Investors are quickly recognizing the value that mobile plays in their work and are taking full
advantage of the on-the-go benefits it offers.

The infographic below highlights the findings of the 2014 survey. For more information on the
survey or to share your thoughts on the future of mobile, feel free to contact me at or follow me on Twitter @jcorbinIR.

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A Mobile Milestone – 50,000 IR App Downloads (. . . and counting)

In 2011 when the concept of theIRapp was first being developed, we considered many issues that we would face not only as a start-up company, but also as one creating a new product category in the mature investor relations industry.   Would companies embrace the importance of establishing a mobile IR strategy and allocating resources to having an IR app?  If yes, would investors be willing to download an individual company’s IR app to their very personal mobile device?  Was technology really creating a new paradigm in an industry that for more than a decade had not really experienced anything new?  Might we be the first?

After almost two years since our official launch in June 2012, we now know the answers to these questions:

  • Nearly 100 companies across all industries, including Fortune 100 global organizations, have subscribed to theIRapp and have their own branded app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • More than 50,000 investors, executives and media have downloaded IR apps of those companies they follow and who have subscribed to our platform.
  • Companies that consistently market their IR app to their investor base are seeing downloads increase daily and some have thousands.
  • When a subscribing company posts new information to its app, more than 10% of users view the content after receiving a push notification (that is only available with a native app); a much higher open rate than that of blast emails.
  • For a company announcing a major event (e.g. an acquisition, quarterly earnings, etc.), the open rate increases to more than 30%.

There are some who might argue against the need for a native IR app given the ability to have an IR website optimized for mobile.   I would suggest that the two are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, many companies whose IR website provider offers an optimized mobile website, also have a native IR app that can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.   And these companies will attest to the fact that their reason for having both was the robust user experience of a native app and the ability to better take advantage of the technology associated with a mobile device’s operating system.

Throughout my 15 year career as an investor relations consultant, one of the questions I often raise with my clients is how can you make the lives of your investors easier?  How can you communicate proactively and make information available in a manner that is consistent with the way your investors consume and want to receive information?

This is where mobile technology comes into play.  In a recent survey of 200 institutional investors by theIRapp, 83% stated that they rely on their mobile devices to do their work.  Combined with both the anecdotal and empirical data that now exists, it is safe to conclude that to the extent an individual has invested his or her hard-earned dollars (or a client’s dollars) in a company, they will benefit by downloading an app to their mobile device.  For the company, a native IR app provides them with an opportunity to have a mobile IR strategy.  For the investor it gives them a richer mobile experience as well as the ability to instantaneously be notified of and “pushed” critical financial and investor information.

What are your thoughts on “the mobile investor?” We would love to hear from you!

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