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The Mobile Minute with Abby Spriggs

In this edition of The Mobile Minute, Jeff Corbin, Founder of theCOMMSapp, speaks with Abby Spriggs, Senior Analyst of Investor Relations at TSYS (NYSE: TSS) to discuss her decision-making process in regards to selecting theIRapp and how analysts and investors are currently utilizing the platform. TSYS provides electronic payment services to financial institutions and companies around the globe, and has been a valued subscriber to theIRapp since August 2012. Check out the interview below to hear about Abby’s mobile IR experience.


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Mobilizing Your Analyst Day

As companies prepare to host their annual 2014 analyst days, or perhaps plan one for the first time, it’s a great time to consider a mobile IR strategy.  As we know, almost everyone who will attend these events has some sort of mobile device.  Indeed, as the research shows, investors are becoming more dependent on their mobile device to receive investor information and are requiring that the content provided be easy to access and read. In preparation for upcoming analyst days, theCOMMSapp and its family of communications app building solutions including theIRapp, wanted to share three tips to help you cater to your mobile investor and garner as much participation as possible.

– Want to make sure that everyone remembers when your analyst day is taking place?

Tip: Through native mobile apps you can allow for investors to add events to their calendar and, on the day of the event, “push” them a notification as a reminder.

– Not everyone will be able to attend the live event – But they can still participate live even if not in the office.

Tip: Webcast the event live through your native mobile app.  Simply take the same URL that you use on your website and insert it into your app’s content management system.  You investors will experience the same viewing and listening experience as on the desktop (of course provided they have an Internet or Wi-Fi connection).

– What about after the event?  You just went to major expense to pull off a successful day. Why should it not exist beyond?

Tip: Create an “Analyst Day” folder on your IR app and include in it the presentations, press releases, archive audio files (.mp3/.m4a) and any videos that were shown (.mp4).   Whether your  investors and analysts were in attendance, this is a great and easy way for them to review all the content and information that you provided them with during this important day.

We have seen great success with companies that have taken advantage of our native app platform to push important information to their investors. Are you a company that plans on using your IRapp for an analyst day? We would love to hear your feedback.

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